Window Washing Tools of the Trade

A lot of people like to try to do their own window washing, even commercial businesses. While we believe there’s some opportunity to do this successfully, we previously blogged about things to think about before venturing out on your own.

Today we are going to talk about a few tools of the trade for those just starting out. If these tools don’t intimidate you and you can afford the up-front cost, we wish you the best and hope our tips here might help you out!

First, there’s the washing solution. While we can’t give away our own formula and methods of application, we will say that there are industrial-strength solutions available that you should invest in. Not only will these materials keep up with harsh weather conditions but they will get your windows sparkling clean the first time and reduce the number of coatings you have to do. Further, the right solution combined with the right amounts of rinses will help clean off that multi-layered dirt and grime that you were trying to clean off in the first place.

The second vital tool of the trade is of course the famous squeegee. These like any maintenance tools range from quick, cheap versions you can get at your local hardware store to industrial-strength versions with the wider applicator. Some of the models have replaceable applicators, while others do not. So if this is a long-term commitment for you, make sure to get the right squeegee.

Next you have to consider those hard-to-reach windows. This might include multiple stories or just windows that are not easily accessible. You can go with an extension rod, or even some sophisticated poseable features.

On the same note, scaffolding is crucial in many situations. You don’t want your man out there on a cheap ladder or a ladder that’s not quite tall enough.

Finally, if you have a large building or one that has even a few stories, you need to consider safety harnesses for your staff. Like any job that is done in the sky, harnesses are available to prevent your men or women from falling to the ground.

So, it’s a simple list – but one that needs to be taken seriously. Good luck in your window washing endeavors, and be sure to contact us if the job is beyond your capacity. We’ve got the tools and the team to take this responsibility off of your “to-do” list.

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