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Window Cleaning for Healthcare Buildings

hospital-constructionAt Innovative Window Cleaning we know that all buildings are not the same. Sure, our job might be a similar task each time, but there are things to consider depending on the type of building and what’s happening inside of the building.

A  good example of this is buildings for healthcare, doctors offices, dentist offices, and hospitals. When we clean these healthcare-related buildings, we realize that people are being cared for inside. That is why we will talk to your facility manager to figure out the best time to do our work. We want to do everything we can to avoid being a distraction or a bother to your staff and patients.

We also are very aware of the sanitary requirements when doing these jobs. Typically we are on the outside, so it may not be an issue. But we will definitely talk to your representatives to ensure we understand the entire situation.

As far as process, healthcare buildings are usually very similar to any other office buildings today. Doctors offices and dentist offices can be in the strip mall or shared office space with other types of businesses. It’s no sweat at for us all to take care of their window cleaning needs.

Hospitals, however, are a different story. Since Obamacare was passed a few years ago, many health systems and hospitals are now combining or merging. And there are many new hospital buildings being erected in the Chicago area. Many of these buildings have beautiful, hotel-like design that improves the quality of care and environment for its patients.

This also means they have creative and unusual architecture. Innovative Window Cleaning is up to the task. We can visit your location and evaluate your building and its idiosyncrasies to make sure we bring all the right tools and correct number of staff for our window cleaning visit. He will get it right the first time and make your building all the more inviting.

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