Sticker residue on Windows

For some businesses there’s more than just a dirty window problem. Many storefronts and other commercial buildings have residue from old signs and stickers. Anything from display posters to “special of the day” for restaurants even to little stuff like Neighborhood Watch or “No concealed carry” signs.

When these stickers and signs are indoors you have the time and a comfortable atmosphere to work on these yourself. From razor blades and “Goo-Gone” you might try many different ways to remove them with varying levels of success.

When these stickers stains are outdoors, however, removal becomes another story. The windows may be in hard-to-reach places, or the weather may not cooperate. Plus, the last thing you want to do scratch the window, or make it worse in some way.

The other variable for outdoor window stains is the sun. Four months, years or even decades the sun beat down on your sign, creating a haze, glare or other unsightly result. Once you remove the sign, your window no longer “matches” its smoothness, cleanliness or reflectivity.

One solution is to purchase a new window altogether, and some of our competitors may suggest that. That’s the easy way out, but an expensive way out as well!

Before you replace the glass, give Innovative Window Cleaning a call. We can come out and evaluate the situation right away. It may well be that you need to replace your window, but we will do everything possible to salvage what you have for a cheaper and greener solution.

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