Let the Sunshine In

Discouraged by yet another snowfall? On the first day of Spring to boot! Are you overly anticipating the long awaited arrival of light breezes, birds singing in the leafy trees?

As much as we are to be sure! Why not start to feel that new feeling now? We specialize in bringing a little touch of spring to apartment complex owners, schools and high-rises. By spring cleaning the windows that have been through one of the worst winters on record, you are sure to have a glimpse of hope with the sparkle of the sun gleaming through.

Professionally trained and safety guaranteed, Innovative Window Cleaning can handle your commercial washing needs. We will work with you to create a professional cleaning package that will work for your property. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Contact us today to get your spring cleaning underway. Time to get the winter coat off and let the sunshine in!

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