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Inner-City Window Cleaning and Safety Tips

window-blindsIn a big city like Chicago there are some areas that are not so safe. Many buildings have become parking lots. Many other buildings were long ago vacated and are tumbling down as well. Fortunately, some businesses are still going strong but may be relegated to those rough parts of the city.

This unfortunate location lends itself to many troubles including client and customer safety, employee safety, and building maintenance issues.

We can’t help you much with the safety of those you work with, your choice of saving money in a less glamorous part of town has its pros and cons. We can recommend a few safety measures for your building, however.

  1. Get insured. You never know in this city of Chicago when gunshots may ring out, spray paint may decorate your door, or other mishaps may happen. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s a reality. Be sure you’re covered for incidents such as these.
  2. Use security. Security cameras are dirt cheap nowadays and we recommend you set one up immediately facing all of your entrances and windows. Even if you just record each loop for 24 hours you will know each morning when coming in to work that everything is okay. We also recommend you get a security system. These also are more cost-effective than ever. They can monitor door and window entries. There are different types but typically once you enter your building and enter the proper code the alarm will deactivate. If someone who is not wanted enters, the alarm will go off after a minute, prompting the police to head to your location immediately.
  3. Take physical measures. Finally there are some physical measures you can take to protect your building and its property. For doors, you want to make sure you have is very secure lock, with deadbolt. As for windows, there are special types that are tougher to break. There also are the more extreme options of barred windows glass bricks.
  4. Be smart. Another subtle thing you can do is to cover your windows with blinds or curtains. It’s a lot less attractive for someone to break into a building they don’t know anything about. On the contrary, if they see valuable computers, servers, or even personal belongings, it’s a temptation for people to break in.

We realize this is a very “high level” run-through of being safe as a business in the city of Chicago. If you have a true concern, you should of course call the police or the city for proper advice and help. We just hope this quick blog entry gets you thinking about some low-cost options that may help.

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