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Sometimes window cleaning is tough. When you’re talking about a city like Chicago there are so many variables leading to dirty windows. At some point, doing it yourself is not an option, as every business owner knows. Sometimes – in fact most of the time – a spray bottle and rent won’t get the job done. That’s when you definitely need to call in the professionals like Innovative Window Cleaning.

We have the team, the equipment and the chemicals and we are in know on how to get your windows sparkling clean even after years of procrastination.

Furthermore, we know there are so many elements that can lead to dirty windows in the first place, especially in downtown Chicago. There’s pollution precipitation, lake effect and even traffic emissions that build up on the surface of your windows. It’s simply not worth your time to scrubbing hard to remove those stains from your windows.

Call us today for a free quote. We can handle anything from one story commercial buildings, storefronts and restaurants, two multi story downtown Chicago buildings, including skyscrapers.

When your buildings have this extreme buildup on the windows, we know price is your number one concern. But we can assure you Innovative Window Cleaning has excellent rates, you might be surprised at how much this will save you financially as well as in time and other costs.

Innovative Window Cleaning, located in Chicago, Illinois, has been a strong leader in the commercial window cleaning industry and provides excellent service to corporate clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Our experienced includes hi-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, sporting venues, such as race tracks, event centers, venues, and arenas.

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