Homeless and Jobless Window Washers

Not all businesses are in the nicest areas of town. We’ve seen a lot of businesses in poverty-stricken areas that have empty parking lots, overgrown grass areas and potholes galore.

In these regions, it’s very common for jobless or homeless men and women to approach businesses for window washing assistance. These people come to the door with a bucket, a sponge and a squeegee and ask for a few bucks in exchange for washing windows externally and sometimes internally.

We here at Innovative Window Cleaning care about our world. We think you should be charitable and give these kind of people a chance if it’s the right situation.

The right situation to us means external window washing only, as there are many safety issues with an unknown person of an unknown background being in the same space as your employees, equipment and other personal belongings. We’d love to believe in and trust in every person that walks in off the street, but if you read news headlines today it’s just not responsible.

The right situation also means making sure your building’s windows are easily reachable from the ground, and in safe surroundings. If the person needs a ladder or any other scaffolding we would highly recommend you don’t take them up on their services. Imagine the legal issues that could happen without insurance coverage that a professional company would have!

We suggest giving these people a chance to better their lives with a little help from you. Just keep in mind the right situation and make a wise decision for you and your company.

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