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The hidden costs of an ugly building

We talked in a blog about the benefits of your building and storefront displays. Conversely have you considered what your building may be costing you in sales alone?

The fact is, if you have an ugly building,  you are losing customers and even valued potential employees. No one wants to walk into a building that is not inviting.

The money you have saved by buying a building or renting one on the “seedy” side of town is going to come back to haunt you.

And the money you saved by allowing your signage, display and street sign by falling to pieces is going to bite you.

 We can’t tell you how many stores we see of signs that are peeling, damaged or falling apart from years of neglect. Signage alone, we believe, may be your number one advertising piece. If your building looks neglected, customers will assume they will be neglected as well.

The world today has changed and people have more choices than ever. If they don’t choose McDonald’s they will go to Burger King next door. There are 50 dentists and  50 cleaners on every block in the city of Chicago. Don’t think people realize how much business they lose every day to competitors within walking distance.

There are somethings you cannot control within your business. But somethings you can. We strongly suggest you put full effort into your curbside image. Make sure your signs are clean and have a modern design to them. Also, if possible. try to rent your building on the good side of town. And of course make sure that the simple tasks like clean windows and a clean interior of your business space are clean and inviting is mandatory.

This extra thought and care that you put into your business may mean the difference between continuing to thrive in today’s new economy, or going by the wayside.

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