Should I hang posters in my storefront window?

We at Innovative Window Cleaning aren’t store display design experts by any means. But, we do have a lot of clients with all types of windows and displays aimed at the public. So we picked up a little knowledge along the way, And we thought it would be fun to talk about.

In  many storefront windows we see posters for products, services or upcoming events. These of course can be beautiful graphically and attract attention right away. We can picture the old days where the record store would have the latest album artwork and concert posters from popular bands. Or we can picture the latest food offering at Taco Bell.

Our answer to the question at hand is fairly simple. If you have beautiful products to show off in house, don’t hide them with posters. If you must, make sure that the poster is for a temporary event or sale. That way since it’s a new display it will gather twice the attention that it would if you always had it posted.

On the other hand, if your storefront is for a service or something that’s hard to visualize, we think poster art might be a good thing. This is especially true if your building sign does not adequately state who you are and what you do. It may be silly, but those signs that just say “Cleaners” on them can be the most effective at conveying a message. And that’s the perfect situation to put up a poster that shows off today’s special. Your customers will notice each time you change it. Further, we highly recommend you make each new poster a different graphic style. Just changing wording on an existing poster may not gather enough attention from passersby.

I’m sure to many of you, it sounds like we are giving two answers to the same question. But that’s our point. It really depends on what kind of business you have and what you have to show off in your storefront window. Think strategically and even consider changing your plan every so often as long as you can track the results. Count your walk-in traffic for a month and then add some poster displays, and track walk-ins again for another month.

We truly believe that your storefront can make or break your business. So good luck!

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