Glass House owners should not throw stones

You’ve all heard the old saying “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones “. In our experience as a window cleaning company in Chicago, we’ve seen our share of this in action.

You see, all of our clients are commercial, meaning they either have office workers coming in every day, or customers to walk in off the street each day. Before these people even get inside the building they can see the way that you maintain your “house”, that is your business environment. What kind of impression are you giving off?

We hope it’s a great one. But often we see people not maintaining their buildings in the way that they should.

Like all of us, these business owners or facility managers understand the value of appearance. They wouldn’t buy a car that looked bad, a house that didn’t have a great curb appeal or even clothes secondhand that are obviously worn. So why give that impression to your employees and customers?

If you call us at Innovative Window Cleaning, we can come up with a routine maintenance plan for your building that will leave your windows looking great all year round. We can set up a schedule so that you won’t even have to think about calling us the next time time passes by or seasons change.

So think about it. Image is everything in today’s society. When you can plan ahead for something as routine as window cleaning, why not go for it? Check one more item off of the “to-do” list and let us take care of it for you!

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