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“Dirty Jobs” Look at Hi-Rise Window Cleaning

Ever wonder what it’s like to clean windows on a modern hi-rise building? Mike Rowe, star of the hit Discovery Channel show “Dirty Jobs” did, and tried his hand at it.

In the episode, Mike traveled to Hawaii and joined the crew of Worldwide Window Cleaning where he harnessed up and hops into a bosun’s chair to clean windows 40 stories above downtown Honolulu. This building has outward curves that make it an even tougher job.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Mike so scared in his life! Just starting out, Mike says, “How the heck do I get down there?”

“You crawl over the edge,” answers the expert window cleaner.

“C’mon!” is all Rowe can answer.

It’s a scary thing, indeed! Prayer is offered and happily accepted.

Rowe then gets a lesson on some proper window washing techniques in the video here, including angling of the squeegee and careful handling of the tools. There’s no margin for error for dropping tools of a hi-rise building!

Here’s a 2-minute preview of the episode. Want to watch the full episode? Try NetFlix or Amazon.

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