Clean Restaurant Windows Show Cleanliness

Of all the buildings we take care of, restaurants are the most crucial to our clients’ ROI (return on investment). Just think of how unattractive it is if your building is dirty and its windows have markings and fingerprints on it. What does that say about your cleanliness? When your outside is unclean, the fair assumption is your inside is unclean as well.

Imagine if you lose just five customers per week because the restaurant down the street is more attractive to them (even if a subconscious decision).

Imagine if two of them would’ve been customers for life!

We often see fast food workers taking care of their own building all the time – taking out the trash or cleaning windows. That’s great, if they can do a good job and a safe manner. And assuming they are consistent employees that do not turn over, have consistent hours, and do not to be trained over and over again.

If those have been battles for you, consider hiring Innovative Window Washing to be your partner. Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about training staff or who’s doing the washing and when?

Another consideration is that not all restaurants are the same. Some have multiple levels, configurations, shapes and sizes. If you have a building like that, safety and professional work become a major factor. At that point you should definitely consider getting a quote from a professional window washing company.

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