Window Cleaning

Beware of what others can see through the windows

window-blindsHave you had one of these experiences before:

  • While walking outside to the office entrance, you see through an exposed window a meeting take place in a first floor conference room.
  • You’re innocently walking around town and notice a competitor’s strategy map – in embarrassingly exposed detail – that is visible through a second floor window.
  • One of your favorite coworkers is resigning – and you know this because you see him hand over a resignation letter to the boss through a conference room window.

These are clearly events that were never meant to be seen by your employees, your competitors or even the general public. Even if you haven’t experienced one of these embarrassing events before, many have.

While windows are important to offer employees with views of the world outside the building, you must be cautious of where these windows are located, and be always conscious that the outside world can see in (unless you install blinds!)

No matter what can be seen through your windows, at least ensure that they are clean and tidy. Contact us today for more information on our professional window cleaning services.

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